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July 30, 2009

Thin Client and Digital In-Store Signage at Jessops

Thin Client installation at Jessops for providing in-store digital signage. For broadcast content which is constantly changing thin client media controller/players can play a big role.

Jessops focuses on labelling

Jessops, the largest photographic retailer in the UK, has implemented Episys’ Retail Enterprise Suite signage solution across all of its stores to enable the business to make immediate price changes in the store environment and improve the customer experience.

The retailer needed to introduce a solution to replace its current standard ticketing control, maintenance and production systems, as well as being able to handle more specialist tickets and miscellaneous signage requirements.

The retailer wanted in-store printers that could produce eye-catching signage that gives full details of the products on display as well as being able to respond quickly in a competitive market with new products, attractive merchandising and compelling prices. Jessops was also keen to communicate with its customers more effectively.

Previously, the business printed its signage weekly from head office. Brendan Marris, Brand Design and Merchandising Manager, said, “The stores didn’t have the ability to make immediate changes to labels, and this was impacting upon the customer experience within the store, as the latest product information was often unavailable. Also, it meant the business had to be very specific with the timing of special offers due to the weekly update of labels. We wanted to keep our customers better informed regarding both product information and pricing.”

Marris continued, “We wanted to provide customers with more accurate information about products. We also needed to ensure that in a fast changing, electrical environment, it was possible to change ticket prices in a regular, consistent audited fashion so customers got the service they deserved.”

Key to the selection of the new system was its ability to integrate with the other systems used by Jessops to give flexibility and reduced costs for in-store signage. The retailer wanted a system that could operate through thin client technology and integrate with the retailer’s existing EPOS technology. The retailer also wanted a user-friendly solution that staff could update easily in store.

Jessops selected Episys’ Retail Enterprise Suite because it provided flexibility without any constraints in terms of data structure, which meant the system could be adapted to meet the company’s requirements.

Jessops can now implement price changes immediately. Marris said, “The instore printing of ticketing has also empowered our store teams to resolve any pricing requirements in store as required, with consistent pricing and product information being displayed.”

The technology is also saving the business lots of time compared to the old system. Marris added, “Store managers can dip into the system and print tickets where there are any gaps on the shelves and as tickets can be printed in store, updates don’t have to take place en masse.”

Marris added, “The flexibility of the Episys solution is key to us being able to present the product information in a way which complements the high technology merchandise on display. Using the new solution we will be able to increase sales, by being more responsive to market conditions, as well as reducing the costs of our signage.”

The technology will form an important part of the business for years to come. Marris concluded, “Going forward there will be a process of continual improvement. We are currently considering electronic signage as a natural progression from printed signs for some of our flagship stores.”

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